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Meetings/Consultations with Other Ministries on Various Proposals

S.No Meeting Date Chaired By Minutes/Schedule of Meeing File No./Reference no.
1 03-11-2011 Chairperson (102.13 KB), (216.35 KB) 12/2/2009-Coord (Ministry of Mines, MMDR Bill -2010)
2 03-11-2011 Chairperson (88.31 KB) NCST/2008/REHAB/01 (Ministry of Rural Dev)
3 11-11-2011 Chairperson (108.98 KB), (128.72 KB) 3/1/2011/Policy(Food)/2011/RU-IV (Deptt of Food & Public Distribution - National Food Security Bill 2011)
4 28-11-2011 Chairperson (82.59 KB), (26.58 KB) 3/1/2011/Policy(Food)/2011/RU-IV (Deptt of F & PD)
5 11-01-2012 Chairperson (80.5 KB), (115.75 KB) Consultation on fifth and sixth schedule to the constitution for adoption of laws applicable to Scheduled Areas/Tribes
6 05-01-2012 Chairperson (64.38 KB) Meeting with Secretary,Ministry of Consumer Affairs on Food Security Bill
7 16-02-2012 Chairperson (2.53 MB) Proceeding to discuss the applicability of best practices emerged from ILO C-107 and C-106 for adoption in relation to STs
8 12-10-2012 Chairperson (103.98 KB) PS/CPNCST/2012/4 proceedings of the review of Nilamber-Pitamber University regarding implementation of reservation policy
9 18-10-2012 Chairperson (506.3 KB), (118.26 KB) Policy-4-Delhi-2012-RU-I regarding views/comments of the NCST on the Delhi Commission for SC and ST Bill, 2012
10 19-10-2012 Chairperson (117.62 KB) RO/2/2012/STGJH/DEEDUC/RU-III regarding implementation of Right to Children to free and cumpulsory education Act 2009


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